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Easy-to-use software for booking, selling, and managing. Our software simplifies booking bus tickets and managing seat availability for buses, operators, and passengers. Get your free demo today!

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Streamline Your Ticketing Workflow and Boost Sales

Explicitly designed for bus transportation operators, our bus booking system elevates direct online bookings, passenger management, and sales across multiple distribution channels.

Drive more sales with our Bus Booking System tailored for smoother checkout experiences.

Convert Travelers into Loyal Passengers with a 24/7 Booking Widget

  • Increase direct bookings using a booking widget that fits seamlessly with your brand.
  • Easily integrate it into your CMS with just one line of code. Add it to your homepage or dedicated booking page as an iframe.
  • Enhance conversion rates and passenger loyalty with a user-friendly 5-step checkout process.
  • Cater to a diverse clientele by supporting multiple currencies and payment methods.
Empower agents with a dedicated login portal for real-time sales tracking.

Boost Your Online Ticket Sales by 80% through Resellers & Affiliate Links

  • Witness a remarkable 80% rise in sales via affiliate links and trusted resellers.
  • Provide resellers with a branded widget and a login portal, enabling them to monitor ticket sales effectively.
  • Broaden your market presence by showcasing your bus routes and schedules on leading OTAs — our system seamlessly integrates with platforms like Get Your Guide, TripAdvisor, Klook, and Airbnb Experiences.
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We're committed to helping you streamline your operations. Our advanced suite of tools, tailored explicitly for bus transportation operators, is designed to diminish customer-related calls and backend inefficiencies by up to 80%.

Enhance passenger service with quick and customized interactions using our bus booking system built to adapt and grow.

Reduce Time Spent on Passenger Calls

  • Enable passengers to reschedule, cancel, or convert tickets into future travel vouchers without lengthy waits. Our intuitive link lets travelers adjust their bookings in mere minutes!
  • Send automated route and departure reminders to your passengers using our notification feature, ensuring they are prepared and looking forward to their journey.
  • Mitigate invalid bookings and incessant passenger inquiries by authenticating customer emails during the bus ticket reservation with our built-in email validator.
Harness every booking potential with intelligent marketing capabilities – no more lost opportunities due to unfinished checkouts.

Intelligent Marketing for Bus Operations

  • Salvage potential ticket sales with our abandoned cart follow-up system. Passengers are promptly sent a reminder email for uncompleted bookings.
  • For fully booked routes or peak travel times, allow passengers to join a waiting list, ensuring they can step in for any last-minute cancellations.
  • After each trip, automate feedback requests to passengers. Cultivate reviews and fortify your online presence and reputation.
Manage every detail, from routes to reservations, across any device – centralized in our bus reservation software dashboard.

Maintain Seamless Operations Wherever You Are

  • Create and adjust seat availability effortlessly, ensuring real-time accuracy across all booking channels.
  • Synchronize live data with our cloud-based system to prevent overbookings and double reservations.
  • Handle seat availability and route schedules across all channels through one unified bus booking software.
Effortlessly oversee your bus seat booking reservations with integrated CRM – managing travelers has never been easier!

Deliver Passenger Service That Establishes Your Brand

  • Segment passengers within the CRM, offering frequent travelers or VIPs exclusive perks.
  • Allow passengers the convenience of modifying their bookings via a straightforward link, minimizing time-consuming calls and inquiries.
  • Motivate passengers to share their travel experiences by sending them automated post-trip review requests.
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Caratteristiche di Ticketinghub

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  • Multi-Valuta
  • Esportazione dei dati
  • Rapporto dettagliato
  • Gestione della squadra
  • Notifiche delle prestazioni
  • Trasmissione del messaggio
  • Posta in arrivo centrale
  • Relazioni con i clienti
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City Sightseeing Budapest vende più biglietti con TicketingHub

City Sightseeing Worldwide è il più grande fornitore al mondo di giri turistici Hop-On, Hop-Off. City Sightseeing Budapest, una delle loro società, voleva aumentare le vendite dei biglietti e quindi ha deciso di utilizzare TicketingHub, una piattaforma di biglietteria basata su cloud e un sistema di prenotazione.
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Designed for bus tour operators, our premium bus booking system caters to their specific requirements. It aids operators in managing passengers, selling tickets online, on mobile devices, and through various booking channels, significantly increasing revenue and ensuring a seamless travel experience for passengers.

Streamline bus operations and ensure delightful passenger journeys.

Optimize Your Ticketing and Route Management

Our bus booking software presents an adept ticketing system accommodating multiple online and on-the-spot channels.

Eliminate lengthy queues and embrace swift ticketing and reservations, as our cloud-based system allows instant ticket verification using mobile devices.

Be it daily commutes, special routes, or exclusive travel programs, our software makes the booking process hassle-free, ensuring travelers embark on their journeys without a hitch.

Comprehensive Fleet and Seat Management for Your Bus Services

With our unified fleet management feature, we effortlessly monitor and allocate buses for various routes. Our software lets you oversee seat availability, track ticket sales, and introduce promotional discounts from one dashboard.

Witness a simplified bus operation and passenger experience solution that maximizes profits and fosters traveler loyalty.

Coordinate everything across any device with one all-encompassing bus booking system solution.

Data-Driven Insights and Reporting

Reliable data is the cornerstone of strategic decision-making. Our bus booking software delivers vital insights and detailed analytics on ticket sales, passenger counts, and other pivotal metrics.

We also seamlessly integrate with tools like Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and Facebook Pixel.

Delve into transport trends, pinpoint peak travel times, and plan route and seat management strategies to enhance bus operations and maximize revenue.

Flawless Point of Sale Integration

Oversee financial transactions with our impeccable bus booking POS system integration. Monitor sales in real-time, diminish missed trips, and process refunds or exchanges efficiently.

Our intuitive POS system uplifts the overall traveler experience, ensuring your passengers are content and ready for another journey.

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Domande frequenti

1. What is a bus booking system?

A bus booking system, commonly called an online bus booking system, is a software solution designed for bus operators to manage reservations, set seat availability, and schedule routes. It streamlines the bus ticket booking process and helps bus operators keep trip details current.

2. Which bus booking site is best?

The best bus booking site depends on key features offered, user experience, and integration with mobile apps. Look for a platform that provides the following:

  • An interactive seat map.
  • Real-time seat availability.
  • An online and offline bus reservation system that accepts payments with minimal transaction fees.

3. How do I book a bus ticket?

To book a bus ticket, visit a free online transport booking system or a dedicated online bus ticketing system. Enter your trip details, select a seat from the interactive seat map, and pay using available payment gateways. Once booked, details will be sent to your provided personal details, typically through email or SMS.

4. What ticketing software features are best for bus ticket booking?

For bus ticket booking, the software should offer an interactive seat map, real-time seat availability, a control hub for managing reservations, and robust payment options, including other payment gateways. It's beneficial if the software has mobile apps for booking on mobile devices, provides detailed booking reports, and supports online and offline payments.

5. How do you implement a reservation system?

Implementing a reservation system involves:

  • Selecting a robust bus booking software.
  • Integrating it with your existing business model.
  • Customizing it to manage reservations effectively.

Ensure it offers features like route management and passenger lists, allowing you to print bus schedules for smooth operations.

6. What is an online ticket reservation system?

An online ticket reservation system, like the bus ticket reservation system, is a software solution that enables users to book tickets online for various services, including buses. It manages seat availability, handles payment gateways, and provides a platform for bus operators to keep their bus schedules and routes current.

7. What is the purpose of the booking system?

A booking system, especially a bus reservation system, aims to streamline the ticket sale process, offer real-time seat availability, manage reservations, and provide a seamless experience for bus operators and passengers. It aims to save time, reduce operational hassles, and boost efficiency.

8. What is the purpose of the bus pass management system?

The bus pass management system aims to manage long-term ticketing options for regular passengers, maintaining their client details, tariff rules, and trip duration. It simplifies the operating process for bus drivers, keeps a date-to-date basis record, and allows seamless integration with the main bus ticketing system.

9. What are the benefits of bus reservations?

The benefits of bus reservation include:

  • Guaranteed seat availability.
  • An organized system for bus operators to manage their bus fleet.
  • Real-time updates on bus schedules and departure times.
  • A seamless operating process.

Moreover, it allows passengers to choose preferred bus types and seats, ensures they receive customer feedback, and gives them various payment options.

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We abolished paper records, paper vouchers and fuel miles from having to deliver hard copy vouchers. We also passed on the savings from postage and printing costs. rep and his team worked tirelessly to get the system implemented on our website.

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I run a free walking tours, and they help me getting booking online, through our website. The system is very flexible, and the team helped me with some customization so it fits exactly my need. Great help of the team. I'm super happy with them.

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Innanzitutto, il team del servizio clienti di TicketingHub è superbo - sempre a disposizione per aiutare e il motto: nessuna domanda è troppo stupida! Il software stesso è grande, molto intuitivo, con un'interfaccia semplice ma efficace che ci permette di vendere i nostri prodotti, fare un po' di upselling, connetterci tramite API con i nostri fornitori preferiti e utilizzare anche diversi processori di pagamento.

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Nel complesso è stato uno strumento e un sistema prezioso per la mia attività, che ci ha aiutato a crescere ed espanderci. Utilizziamo Ticketinghub da diversi anni perché il loro sistema si adatta perfettamente alle nostre esigenze di vendita di biglietti a livello globale.
Oliver M
20 giugno 2019

Ottimo, flessibile e con un grande supporto da parte del team!

Il sistema è molto flessibile e il team mi ha aiutato con alcune personalizzazioni in modo che si adattasse esattamente alle mie esigenze. Grande aiuto da parte del team. Sono molto soddisfatto.
Daniel B
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Attenzione al cliente!

Innanzitutto, il team del servizio clienti di TicketingHub è superbo - sempre disponibile ad aiutare e il motto: nessuna domanda è troppo stupida!
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